Tuesday, January 21, 2003

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The OmbudsGod is either a Capitalist Stooge or a Realist depending on your point of view.

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Mikey update
That’s Mikey Rivero, not Mikey Moore, for any OBG novices out there. Michael Rivero is a Free Republic outcast who has apparently found his new calling by spreading anti-American conspiracy theories. Need a "source" to prove that Washington knew about what was going to happen on 9/11/01 ahead of time, or that the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center were the work of Zionist agents, then Mikey's your man. Needless to say, he's picked up an eclectic following on both the left and right.

S. Boyle continues his exposure of Mikey. This week we’re back to the recurring theme of Mikey’s anti-Semitism. Responding to a Holocaust denial letter posted on his website, Mikey repeats the discredited claim that Anne Frank’s diaries are a forgery. He also links to a hidden story on Indymedia that “Zionists associated with the Mossad have applied for and now work at Indymedia,” but that “don't let it deter you from your pro-Palestinian activies. The cat is out of the bag! Israel will soon fall like a house of cards…”

Okay, I didn’t know that there are “hidden stories” on Indymedia, either, but apparently if you click on the button labeled “View Hidden Stories” on San Francisco IndyMedia – that’s where they’ve hidden it. Given the crap they often run, I’m surprised that they hide this piece, but then maybe even the Indyidiots are embarrassed by it.
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Scott Ritter update
According to CBS affiliate WRGB and MSNBC, former weapons inspector, turned Saddam apologist, Scott Ritter was caught twice trying to pick up underage girls through the Internet. In 2001, he tried to lure what he thought was a 16 year old girl to meet him, but the jailbait turned out to be just that – a cop. The charge was dismissed and the case sealed. Four months before that, he was arrested for trying to meet a 14 year old girl he met online, but the cops let him go.

So, not only is Ritter an Internet sexual predator, but an idiot as well, having been nailed not once but twice. The only thing more reprehensible is that he was never truly held accountable for his actions.

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UPDATE: Tim Blair thinks that "Ritter would fit right in with the UN's present Iraq inspection team..."
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Banned in Europe!
No stories about German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's affair, please. The "Audi chancellor" (4 wedding rings, get it?), has obtained a German court order barring publication of information by a British newspaper, the Mail, that he is having an affair, on the grounds that such information about the high government official violates his right to privacy. The British press is naturally flouting the order and going to town with the story, which is setting the stage for a showdown on the efficacy of transnational censorship in Euroland.

The penalty for violating the German court’s order is a whopping €250,000, if, of course, it can be enforced.

Considering that, for example, Germany has one of the worst records for honoring foreign child custody decrees, including those from Britain, despite being a signatory to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, a finding that European national courts have transnational jurisdiction could have profound consequences for other areas of the law.

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