Friday, January 24, 2003

In the Bill’s Content tradition of posting gratuitous pictures in order to boost traffic…

With Gary Hart (formerly Hartpence) looking to make another run for the Democratic nomination for President, I though I’d beat the rush and post links to some gratuitous pictures of the Senator and a certain Donna Rice, with whom he sailed on the good ship “Monkey Business.” While technically the story was broken by the Miami Herald, as usual you can count on the National Inquirer, which informed readers that the married candidate had asked her to marry him. Here’s the 29 year old “model and actress” getting a nice tan.

Just to be fair, here’s a link to a list that includes Republican indiscretions.
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Another classic New York Post front page headline
The New York Post is famous, some would say infamous, for its headlines. For example, there’s Headless Body in Topless Bar, The Hunk Flunks and, of course, Gotti’s Greatest Hits.

Taking a clue from Scrappleface, The Post has produced another classic.

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UPDATE: The Dissident Frogman has new, interesting wall paper
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Mikey Update
Exposing the Exposer’s Zachary takes issue with What Really Happened’s Michael “evidence links Israeli spies to 9-11” Rivero, who asserts that "Who wants peace? The Palestinians."
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Anti-war demonstrations and “listeners” who give “NPR a piece of … someone’s mind"
Despite extensive, and I might add very positive, coverage of the recent anti-war demonstrations, NPR ombudsman Jeffrey A. Dvorkin reports that the website incorrectly accused NPR of giving only “5 Minutes to Massive Anti-war Protests, and 4 Minutes to the Queen's Trousers," which prompted “more than 500 outraged ‘listeners’” to give “NPR a piece of their -- or someone's -- mind.”

No word on whether NPR mentioned that the demonstrations were organized by a Stalinist group that has favored the Soviet invasion of Hungary, and such brutal despots as Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il and Slobodan Milosevic. Or, for that matter, why causes such as freeing cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal have anything to do with opposing a war against Saddam Hussein.
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More on the significance of the Workers World Party organizing the anti-war movement
Responding to my debate, with Blog on the Run’s Lex Alexander, about the significance of the Workers World Party sponsoring anti-War demonstrations, Lex Communis’s Peter Sean Bradley observes that:

There is nothing admirable about the Communists that you can't also find in Nazi ideology. Wear a swastika and you're walking leprosy; wear a red beret and it's a fashion statement. You know, I have never met a Nazi or a Klan member, but I went to law school with a card-carrying Communist. Nobody harassed him. He fit right in. But - jeez - the Gulag, the Katyn Massacre, the Ukraine famine, know, that stuff. Nonetheless, you have to hope that this weekend perhaps saw the start of a healthy process which will result in consigning the Communists to the moral plague ward with the Nazis and the Klan.

Meanwhile, at Front Page Magazine Stephen Schwartz asks who foots the bill for The Workers World Party, “a minuscule Stalinist group” with some rather expensive programs. He observes that Nazi Germany subsidized the American peace movement prior to Pearl Harbor and the Cold War-era peace movement was covertly funded by the Soviet Union. Of the Workers World Party, he inquires:

Who stands behind them? Americans have a right to know, and if these phony peaceniks really desire respectability, they should be willing to publicly account for their financing, especially for air travel and hotel hospitality enjoyed while they serve as camouflage tourists in states committed to terrorism.

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