Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Sheltering readers from what happens in the world

Michael Kelly takes issue with the left's embrace of islamofascism and tyranny, and the failure of the media to report that the so-called peace marches are organized by International ANSWER, a front for the Stalinist Workers World Party, which isn't so much pro-peace as anti-freedom and anti-American. He observes that:

Last weekend, the left held large antiwar marches in Washington, San Francisco and elsewhere. Major media coverage of these marches was highly respectful. This was "A Stirring in the Nation," in the words of an approving New York Times editorial, "impressive for the obvious mainstream roots of the marchers."

There is, increasingly, much that happens in the world that the Times feels its readers should be sheltered from knowing. The marches ... were chiefly sponsored .. by a group the Times chose to call in its only passing reference "the activist group International Answer."

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UPDATE: Providing another example of "sheltering readers," Thor Halvorssen writes, in The Washington Times, that:

Reporters have so controlled the flow of information and disfigured the truth that their coverage of Venezuela is a caricature of what conservative critics call the "liberal media bias." What we are seeing in media coverage of Venezuela is not liberal bias, but totalitarian bias.

He provides plenty of examples.

via the ever vigilant PostWatch
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The BBC profiles The United States
# The BBC’s description of America “stinks,” notes Biased BBC reader Monica Law, who describes herself as a “Brit living in France.” Here are some lowlights from the description:racial violence, discrimination and segregation have been and continue to be a feature of American life.
# Without the levels of social welfare enjoyed, for example, in western Europe, this wealth gap could translate into a potential for social unrest
# American foreign policy has always mixed the idealism of its "mission" with elements of self-interest. The latter is exemplified in its international record on the environment
# the US has taken the pre-eminent role in the war on Afghanistan and in attempts to isolate and mobilise its allies against countries which it claims are havens to terrorists.

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