Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Election irregularities update

Below are some early reports of voting irregularities. I’ll attempt to update them as more information comes in. If you are hearing reliable accounts of irregularities in your area, email me at The OmbudsGod:

► Boston: Reports of union officials entering voting booths and telling people how to vote.
► Georgia: When placing vote, and touching the screen for a Republican candidate, the box is incorrectly checked for the Democrat candidate. Other related problems.
► Montgomery County, Maryland: Word “Democratic” appears improperly in the header on all ballots.
► Duval County, Florida: Technical problems preventing ballots from being counted.
► DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe issues statement accusing "officials at the Republican National Committee and in Republican campaigns across the country [of] leading a coordinated strategy to intimidate voters and suppress the vote."
► Miami: Voter reports to AP that when he reviewed his touch-screen ballot, he saw his vote for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride show as a vote for incumbent Republican Jeb Bush.
► Seattle: Thousands of voters have not received their absentee ballots.
► Arkansas: Democratic judge enters ex parte order extending voting hours in heavily Democratic Pulaski County only.

11/6/02 UPDATE: So far, despite the cries of the vanquished, by Ameican standards this appears to have been a surprisingly clean election. Nevertheless, I'll continue to update with any new reports of irregularities.

11/7/02 UPDATE: Matt Drudge points us to some newly reported irregularities:
► Broward County, Florida, discovers additional 104,000 votes.
► Shannon County, South Dakota: Reports that election workers were altering ballots, purportedly to make them more readable. (The correct process is to create a duplicate ballot if a ballot cannot be read by machine and to preserve the old ballot). National Review reports that Shannon County has been the focus of allegations of fraudulent voting practices and that last-minute extraordinary returns gave the election to Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson.

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