Wednesday, September 25, 2002


Professor Bunyip has noticed an interesting similarity between the postings of one Clinton Fernandes, on an Internet bulletin board, and the journalism of one Kenneth Davidson, who writes for The Age. For example:

Kenneth Davidson writing inthe Age on September 23, 2002:

"Iraq was a client state or, in polite terms, an ally. Client states are defined, according to US academic Noam Chomsky, by their obedience, not their values. Saddam was given diplomatic cover for as long as he was obedient to US interests. Now, he is damned as a monster.

And now, a July 24 post by a certain Clinton Fernandes on the Postive Futures bulletin board:

"As Noam Chomsky has remarked, client states are called "allies" in polite terms, and they are defined by their obedience, not their values. Saddam Hussein was an "ally" until he became disobedient. While he was obedient, he was armed and given diplomatic cover. When he became disobedient..."

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